Warehouse Services

The Materials Management department operates a secure, temperature controlled, 95,000 square foot warehouse located on the NC State campus.

Storage Space Leasing

Storage space is available for NC State departments that need safe, secure, orderly, convenient and economical storage.

Regular Pallet Space  4′ L x 4′ W x 4′ H area on rack $6.00 per month
Over-Sized Pallet Space
(Limited Availability)
8′ L x 4′ H x 4′ W under 2000 pounds $12.00 per month
  • Annual Invoice: posted each July as a service unit billing (SUB)
  • To view your Storage Locations, select your OUC and your lease ID
  • To request a new or modified lease, go to the Storage Request form

         NEED MORE SPACE? Let us help you move those old files and unused equipment into storage.

Central Receiving and Re-delivery

A Central Receiving area is maintained to facilitate freight deliveries.

Under 2500 lbs?
  • Received at Materials Management Warehouse loading dock and redelivered to campus buildings that are inaccessible to tractor trailers.
Over 2500 lbs?
  • Over sized shipments will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
  • Contact the Warehouse Space Lease Coordinator at 919.515.9464.
  • When necessary, we will recommend a third party service provider to complete the delivery.

Contact Us

For Receiving & Re-deliveries, contact the Warehouse Space Lease Coordinator at 919-515-9464.
Location: 3240 Ligon Street, MMD Warehouse, Building 161 on the campus map.